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Diet & Training

posted 25 Feb 2012, 03:24 by Debbie Walker   [ updated 25 Feb 2012, 07:48 ]
Did you know that going on a Diet at the same time as starting exercise can be a Bad Thing for your waistline ! 

More on diets later, but in general they can be counter productive. 

When you start to increase your exercise levels, and you don't have to be running marathons or taking part in my body sculpting sessions, just 20-30 fast walking to raise your pulse up into your target range* three times a week can be a great start for someone just starting out, balanced with some more targeted training, will have an impact on the needs of your body. 

People often combine starting to get into shape with a diet, this can actually cause the body to store more fat ! Your body is very clever and if it sees the amount of calories drying up at the same time as demands increase it will try and store as much of the energy consumed (measured in calories) as it can, and guess what, its stores it as FAT ! 

What you need to do is make a subtle change in Increase the good types of food so you get a boost of proteins to build and rebuild those muscles you're using (and don't worry you're not going to get body builder lumps and bumps where you don't want them if you follow a good plan.. more on that later), and the vitamins,  minerals and hydration your body will need as you improve your fitness. 

We are NOT saying you should hit the fried chicken and chocolate only diet, but we ARE saying that as we work to increase your metabolism (don't let anyone hide behind that word, its something we can control)  your body will burn more calories even at rest. So don't make yourself less happy by dieting, work with your body to steer yourself towards the better choices in what you eat for your health, and the work you will enjoy as you build up your fitness, taking care of getting the excess pounds off.

The good news is it is very simple .. use more energy than you consume and you will lose weight. But it's not all about losing weight see my next post on Weight & Shape.

* Do get advice from your GP before you start exercise. If you're in good shape and looking to get into great shape we can accelerate your activity, but if your starting out you need to take care, know your heart rate targets and stick to what is safe and feels good for you.  More on targets, zones and modes in a later post.