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High Intensity Interval Training .. is it good for you?

posted 9 May 2014, 08:33 by Debbie Walker   [ updated 2 Jan 2019, 03:19 ]
You may have heard of High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT), it's been in the press over the last 12 months and many DVDs have been launched with various exercise plans based around this type of training.

Well is this the answer to most  peoples dreams in terms of minimal time taken to achieve great results?
On paper it looks great. 

The positives are very strong. It's a great workout in a short period of time, so it fits easily in to a busy lifestyle. You burn more fat than in a normal gym session, as you continue to burn fat after leaving the gym, due to your metabolism being raised. 

So are there any disadvantages? 
Well yes there are. HIIT puts a lot of pressure on your heart, so if you have any health problems this would be a problem. For those that are unfit, to start with this form of exercise would not be suitable to begin with, and clients who are at a high
 risk of heart disease would need to get medical clearance before training.

In my opinion HIIT should only be attempted once you are sure that you are medically fit, and have a sufficient fitness level. Also for the training to be supervised by a professional so that the times and techniques are monitored.