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Weight & Shape

posted 20 Mar 2012, 11:18 by Debbie Walker   [ updated 20 Mar 2012, 11:36 ]
How other people see you has a great affect on the lifestyle you choose for yourself.

You have to start by understanding that there is no get slim quick product, and most products that tell you that you can lose ten pounds in a week forget to tell you that you can also gain it again a week later. I'm not interested in this type of program, what I'm seeking for is sustainability. It's better to lose 10kg in a year and keep it off than to lose 2kg in a week and then put it back on again just as rapidly. 

Healthy Weight Loss

Often the easiest ways to lose weight is also the healthiest. Most people agree that they are overweight because they eat more calories than they use each day. Therefore to become slim all you have to do is reverse that calculation. So why doesn't that seem to work for everybody?

Often when we diet we cut out foods we should carry on eating and eat food we should be cutting out. The secret is to know which foods are fat burners and which work in the reverse way. I take a look at my clients diet to see where things can be changed, it's usually something quite obvious, and this along with a good exercise plan help them to achieve their goals 

The first thing people see when they meet you is your weight and shape. You can take control of it without too much effort. 

Fit Body Shape

We all start life with a given shape and there is little we can do, short of expensive surgery, to change this shape. We have different muscle types which distinguish the Paula Radcliffe's of this world from the Mike Tindall's. Long lean shapes are suited to endurance work and broader, stockier shapes are more suited to powerful actions and sprinting. What we can do is make the most of ourselves and look to be the best we can with the restrictions of natural shape. While it is true that clothes and various support garments can help they can't replace how you look when you have a healthy diet with regular exercise.

Exercise can make many cringe with fear but exercise can be as simple as a daily walk that takes thirty minutes or as tough as working out in the gym for two hours three times each week. What is important for you is to train with a goal in mind and tailor exercise to help you achieve this. I believe that this should be a lifestyle change not a short fix, so it has to be something that suits the individual and is manageable.